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Mokoomba - ‘Luyando'


“A triumphant return.”

Songlines (Top of the World album), 2017                 


“The best young band in Zimbabwe return to basics in powerful style … They sound even better on this often sparse, DIY set in which they concentrate on gently energetic songs about traditional life, history and culture in the Victoria Falls region where they grew up.”

The Guardian, 2017


“The melodies are the perfect Zimbabwean combination of sweet and sad.” 

Financial Times/ FT Weekend, 2017

Live reviews


“One of the most entertaining young bands in Africa … A natural entertainer, wearing a black hat and demonstrating some slick dance routines with the band, lead singer Mathias Muzaza has a powerful, soulful voice that is at times reminiscent of his great compatriot Oliver Mtukudzi, but also capable of hoarse, driving effects. He was backed by two percussionists, bass, a keyboard player who at times imitated the likembe thumb piano, and guitarist Trustworth Samende, who switched from South African township styles to funk. They were all impressive singers.” 

The Guardian, Mokoomba at 229


"It is a long time since Zimbabwe gave us some of the giants of African music but, in the mighty Mokoomba, there is finally a convincing successor … Lead singer Mathias Muzaza naturally grabs the attention with his stunning, piercing vocals and impressive dance moves. But the band’s magic quality is the perfect gelling of guitar, bass, keyboard and African drums. Song after song boasts impressive arrangements, with the stirring Kulindiswe the highlight.” 

The Independent, Mokoomba at 229


"As they launch into opening number Kumukanda, lead vocalist Mathias Muzaza’s cultured and spine-tingling voice stuns the audience.  Coarse and improbably deep to start with, it soars into rich high notes with consummate ease and its clarity fills the venue wall to wall, as it does throughout the evening. Muzaza’s bandmates provide a lively and pulsating rhythm, which is punctuated with Trustworth Samede’s surprisingly delicate guitar riffs in what essentially is joie-de-vivre rock’n’roll with a difference. Whether singing virtually a cappella or backed by full-on instrumental blasts, Mokoomba’s collective voices, arranged as traditional African chants, imbue their music with a heart and soul that has an invigorating authenticity.” 

Morning Star, Mokoomba at 229

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